What are you doing this Merdeka?

How can we actively support the country instead of passively participating in another Merdeka event?

By supporting the local industries, we are in turn supporting the country we love.

Instead of eating at an international fast food chain, eat at your local mamak stall; instead of buying an international label, support your local brand; instead of watching another Hollywood film, make it a point to watch a local movie.







Search for apieceofmalaysia on Instagram/GIPHY stickers or download the campaign sticker and put it on any image that represents Malaysia to you.

It will be impossible to make this campaign successful without the help of some friends. Here are some of the brands that have joined our cause.
Stronger together!

Wear your Malaysian colors close to your heart and represent a piece of Malaysia with these exclusive merchandises.

Help with the 1 Trillion Ringgit debt.



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